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Friday, April 6, 2018

City of Herzeliya deploy LED light with wireless RF technology

Few weeks back I went to Herzliya, were I used to live for about 7 years. On this visit I saw that the street lights on the street my old house stands, were upgraded to led lights. On top of the reflector I saw something that on first glance looked to me as a small RF antenna.
I looked it up tonight and it seems to be true.
I found a brochure from one of the manufacturer's noting that the communication was from one street light to the other and to a main controller in 2.4GHz:
Controllers use 2.4GHz wireless communication of the EEE.802.15.4 standards to communicate between each other"
Brochure -
Site -

I did not have the chance to test the RF radiation from these poles. I don't know if they radiate all the time, once in few seconds, minutes or hours.

On the site of Herzeliya Moniciple, I found more info (the original is in Hebrew, here is my translation):
"A remot Control and command system that will allow fast identification and handling of mishaps and control over the light strength according to the need. The Project will also be a base for smart city infrastructure and will allow more smart services in the future"
The original -
" מותקנת מערכת שליטה ובקרה מרחוק המאפשרת זיהוי וטיפול מהיר בתקלות ושליטה על עוצמת התאורה לפי הצורך. הפרויקט גם מהווה בסיס לתשתית של עיר חכמה ויאפשר שירותים חכמים נוספים בעתיד. "

System components from

Monday, March 19, 2018

New Israeli study - More Hemolymphatic Cancers & multiple cancers, younger age of diagnosis in 47 cancer patients working with RFR

A new Israeli study that was published in the Environmental ResearchVolume 163, May 2018, Pages 123-133.  The study was done by Michael Peleg,   Or Nativ,  Elihu D.

The study showed that there were more Hemolymphatic cancers than expected in patients who were exposed to RFR emitting technology (like Radio and Radar). Their age of diagnosis was younger than in all cancer patients and the number of multiple cancer cases was also higher in the study patients than in general cancer patient population. 

The study analyzed in detail 47 cancer patients that used to work in the military or industry with and around strong RFR emitting equipment such as radar.
All Patients had cancer.
19 of them had hemolymphatic cancers.
That is 40%, while in non exposed cancer patients population the percentage of hemolymphatic cancers is only 23%.
6 patients (12.8%) in this study had multiple primary cancers, as compared with roughtly approximated 2.8% in the general Israeli cancer patients population. 
The average age of the patients included in this study (when diagnosed with cancer) was 33 years. The average age in which cancer is diagnosed in patients in Israel is 65.
Most of the patients' exposure was to RFR with some patients also exposed to ELF. The researches verified that the patient exposure to RFR only exhibited the same high results. 
The researches then compared their outcomes with other similar studies done in the past. They found very similar association between RFR exposure to hemolymphatic cancers in 4
groups of patients in three countries. The consistent association between RFR exposure and
high Hemolymphatic cancer risks, together with other evidence, form a case for causation of the Hemolymphatic and other cancers by RFR.

Link to the study -

About this study -

In the picture - hemolymphatic cancers percentage out of exposed and non exposed (to RFR) cancer patients in the studies that were reviewed

Sunday, March 18, 2018


The NEW CORNET ED88TPLUS is now sold on our store site for US$179.9 including world wide delivery. It is a great home use meter that can measure Radio Frequencies, ELF magnetic and electric fields. It is very easy to operate, has a micro USB connection for future use, has a detailed LCD display and voice feedback.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A TV article about EHS in Israel CH11 - 10/03/2018

A TV article about EHS was aired tonight (10/03/2018) on Israel CH11 (channel 1). In this report, 2 EHS people (Tamar Arieli Levy, מני בן אריה) that learned to coop with EHS, by knowledge, measurement, exposure reduction and protection, were interviewed, along side with M.D Yael Stein that studies the subject of EHS, and the head of the radiation and noise department in the ministry of environment protection Prof' Stealian gelberg. On the "No Health effect" side, prof' Eitan Freedman was interviewed (and was a little bit softer this time).

Thanks for the team of Ch11, thanks for Tamr and Meni, thanks for M.D Yael Stain and all that helped to do this report.
link to the video with english CC/Subtitles - Link to the video (in Hebrew) -

For English Subtitles please press the "CC" button as shown below: