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Sunday, February 18, 2018

PLC Smart meters deployment will start in Israel on March 2018

According to CH2 Israeli TV news, the Israeli Electricity company will start the deployment of PLC smart meter (Communication over the power lines) in Modein. Next cities will be Beer Sheva, Jerusalem, Natanya. About 200000 meters are about to be deployed until 2020.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ministry of health and the Israeli Cancer association say "

Yesterday, 29/01/2018, the "Israeli Ministry of Health", together with the "Israeli Cancer Association" hosted a press conference in which they gave a glimpse over the data of the Israeli Cancer registry in 2014. They claimed that the number of brain tumors did not increase in the last two decades, and they applied or suggested that this prove that cell phone use do not cause cancer.

Later on the same day, Professor Sigal Sidesky, the head of the Israeli information center on non-ionizing radiation said "There is no link between the fact that the number of cancer incidence did not climb to the link between cancer and cell phones"

I myself think that the assumption by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli Cancer Association is both wrong and Irresponsible.
A. It is not a stucy, just data from the Israeli cancer registrator about 2014, that was shared with comments and opionions.
B. When looking at the link between cancer and cell phone use, one must look at the number of new cancers per year for the type of cancer cellphone is considered responsible or a promoter (glioma, acoustic aroma, salivary gland and thyroid gland). The data from the registry looks on all brain cancers together.
C.  In addition when I look at the data from the registry (I have access to 1980-2013 and not to 2014) I see that the base level over which the numbers changes every year, has changed and is now higher than before.

See for yourself:

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Activity Summary Report 10,11,12/2017 "No Radiation For you",

Activity Summary Report 10,11,12/2017

"No Radiation For you"

Hello readers, activists and EHS people.
Please see below the summary report of my activities in the sites and blogs I manage in the fields or EMF and EHS.

Main events in last month

  1. Me and my family moved to Zichron Yaakov!
  2. Smartphones are officially allowed back to schools in Israel -
  3. Nicosia Declaration on EMF/RF -

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  1. Cellular antennas may be announced as "National Infrastructure" in Israel

  2. Israel Electric Company will sell smart meters and smart home devices

  3. Nicosia Declaration on EMF/RF

  4. Mandatory whole flour bread while exposing kids to RF radiation

  5. A cell phone network provider in Israel will start selling smart mesh components for home use

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The End!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
Amir Borenstein

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jail time and money fines for Israeli water smart meters companies

Jail time and money fines for executives and managers in Israeli water meters companies after building a cartel, fixing prices and coordinating market share while deploying smart-radiating smart meters in Israel.
The report (Hebrew) -,7340,L-5065262,00.html
Google Translator -

In the video - RF radiation emission, every 30 seconds from a water smart meter in Israel

Smartphones are to be allowed back in Israeli schools

PhD Offer Rimon, head of the Technology administration in the Israeli ministry of Education, said that soon, the ban on smart phones' use in schools will be removed. This was reported today in the daily newspaper of "Yediot Hachronot", the headlines said "The smartphone enter the class".
In Israel, for the past few years, there was a partial bann on the use of smartphones in schools. While deploying WIFI and pushing wireless tablets, the ministry of education argued that it is protecting the kids by banning cell phones (as if the radiation of cellphones and WIFI devices is not the same). No, the gate is totally open and smartphones are back to class (they never left as the ban was never fully implemented).
This change in official policy comes in contrary and after France has banned the use of cellphones and smart phones in schools, just few weeks ago.
The use of Smartphones and WIFI devices in class might look like a shiny improvement in the ability to teach, but in the long run, when the health effect of RF radiation exposure will cause students and teachers headaches and other health problems, and when the effect of screen time will be clear, it will be known to be a very big mistake. We and our children will pay the price while the people who pushed it in will get the next job title!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cellular antennas may be announced as "National Infrastructure" in Israel

According to "THE MARKER" Israeli news site, Cellular antennas may be announced as "National Infrastructure" and will be subjective to fast-shorter approval track. This will allow the cell phones' carriers to install new antenna with less objection and with faster time table, as the ability of the public (both citizens and local authorities) to object to the erection of a cellular tower will be reduced.
Today each new cellular antenna that is to be built needs to get the approval of the local building committees. The public can fill in his objection to the new antennas to the local committees (I am not sure about the effectiveness of these objections, but at least there is a place to fill them to).
This change will allow the carrier to deploy 4G and 5G infustraction with less cost and less resistance while cripeling the ability of the public to object to an installation of an antenna in his wearabout. 

Link -
Google Translator -

Image from "THE MARKER"

Israel Electric Company will sell smart meters and smart home devices

According to an article in "YNET" , Israeli leading news website, Israel Electric company will be allowed to sell to private customers Smart meters and Smart Home devices.
This will be part of the new reform in the electricity industry in Israel.
Smart home devices are already sold in Israel by what used to be the national Phone Company, BEZEQ and privet stores and businesses for couple of years now.
Allowing the electricity company to address customers and offer them Smart meters (type currently unknown, but if they are to couple with smart home devices, they are most likely to have an Radio Frequency transmitter/receiver in them) will most likely increase the penetration of such devices to the Israeli market and will increase the public's' exposure to RF radiation.

Link -,7340,L-5062473,00.html
Google translate -

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Nicosia Declaration on EMF/RF

The following news (not so new now but still) is not from Israel, but very close to it.

On the 11th' of November 2017, the Cyprus Medical Association, the Vienna/Austrian Medical Chambers and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health (NCECH) during the scientific event on 11th of November 2017 “The impact of non-ionization radiation on health: A Myth or an emerging medical challenge?” Signed the Nicosia Declaration on EMF/RF (attached) , including 16 Rules for public to follow in order to reduce their exposure and risk from EMF exposure.

The event was under the auspices of his excellency the Minister of Health Dr George Pamborides and the Commissioner for the Environment Mrs Ioanna Panayiotou

The declaration -

Video about the scientific event and declaration (in Greek, no subtitles yet)

Below are the links of 3 videos with English subtitles from the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health (NCECH) with english subtitles

VIDEO PREGNANCY  with English subtitles

VIDEO   on EMF  with English  subtitles

VIDEO for teen agers  

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mandatory whole flour bread while exposing kids to RF radiation

In the kindergarten my daughter goes to, the Ministry of Health (That do not understand the risk of EMF exposure and allow the deployment of RF base infrastructures) together with the ministry of education (that deploy WIFI in schools and allow the use of smart phone and wireless devices in class) , with the backup of some of the kids' parents (most who are heavy users of smartphones and wireless devices, most who give their kids a smartphone at the age of 7 and a tablet of the age of 3 months, those parents how contact the crew several times a day via the smartphone which make it necessary for the crew to carry their radiation emitting smart phones with them all day ) empuse the distribution of whole flour bread in launch. The kids don't like it , and don't eat the bread. If only the ministries and the parent would understand that RF radiation is more of a risk than white bread.

Monday, October 23, 2017

A cell phone network provider in Israel will start selling smart mesh components for home use

According to Israeli leading news website - YNET, Cellcom, a leading Israeli cell phone network provider company, will start selling "Smart Mesh" wireless devices for home use to the public.
Smart Mesh is a technology in which every wireless network nod (a client) is also an access point (host) for other devices. This allow better reception and availability of WIFI and other wireless communication far away from the base station (the router) and with lower number of base stations.
The Radiation side of it is that every device no not only receive the signal and send back a handshake "OK I got it" signal, together with the "upload" channel, but also transmit a Beacon signal (max power output every 100mS) and sends data to other devices.
This is basicly the technology use in Smart Meters in the USA, Canada, Australia, and those of you that got hurt from it, know how problematic it is.
The deployment of such a network in house, will lead to wider exposure to RF radiation in this house, both over time, frequency and now also geographically (according to the placement of the devices in the house).

Link -,7340,L-5032476,00.html
Translated -

Picture - from YNET article