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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Complaints against a public warning done by EMF awareness non profit groups in the UK.

Complaints have been filled against a public warning done by EMF awareness non profit groups in the UK.

The main argue is that there is not "good evidence" to health effect from cellphone and WIFI devices, so I guess there is no need to warn the public.
Define "good science" or "good evidence" , I guess their definition of "good evidence" (which they say does not exist) is that it is "good" only if it comply with their false theory that EMF have not health effect.
The fact that RF (Radio Frequency ) can't break an electron from the atom directly does not mean it can not cause biological changes and damage in other ways.
This is just like what we saw in the past with Tobacco, asbestos and other agents. The industry is trying to continue the selling a production of services and products that can pose a health risk.
People and scientist that believe that there is no health effect to RF exposure are not only wrong but they serve the industry's' interest and not the public and should recheck their science.

The only investigation that should be done is of the relations of those that file the complains, and of the NHS and WHO and ICNIRP with industry.
Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity is real and cause by exposure to EMF. people tha suffer from it are the first to react. As time passes and exposure increases, more and more people will suffer. It starts with pain in the head when talking on the cellphone and get worse with time to a point in which every exposure, to even very low level, cause pain.
In some of the studies done on EHS, the researches wrongly exposed the subjects to EMF radiation when there should have been none. Then when the subjects (not only EHS people) reacted to the exposure, the researches wrongly concluded that it was not real and cause by fear of from the phone.

If you want read about some of the science showing biological effect from Radio Frequency ( a type of non-ionizing radiation) please go to -

If you want to read about some of the science about EHS please see -

Jerusalem to become "smart" city

 Jerusalem municipality declared the deployment of "smart city" technology over the next few years.
The deployment, so the municipality argue, will improve their ability to serve the public.
The municipality claims that the radiation emitted from the systems is "low " and "safe"

"The frequencies used by the network are completely free and safe to use. The system is also secure and there is no risk of privacy. The equipment consumed has an extremely low radiation - lower than a standard home router - thanks to the high frequency and narrow beam."

For link #1 to google translator article press here...
For link #2 to google translator article press here...

Friday, May 19, 2017

A smart phone burst into flames in the pocket of a 9 years old kid

The problem I have with the report of this incident on the Israeli news is that almost no one wondered what does a 9 years old kid doing with a smart phone.
It has become so usual here in Israel, and in the rest of the world, that kids are given smart phones that no one think it is strange any more.
Parents (that are usually cellphone addicted themselves) give their old device to their kids when they buy themselves a new one.

Smart phones emit RF Radiation most of the time
Smart phone, unlike old mobile phones (that emit RF only while talking or SMS), emits Radio Frequency radiation most of the time as long as they are connected to the cellular data, WIFI and Bluetooth. The time of emission is increased as the use of application, messaging, and surfing increased.
The emission is even greater if the communication is done in LTE than in UMTS.
4G vs 3G -
Radiation from smart phone while idle -

When and how has it become OK for a 9 years old to have a smart phone?
Well, as long as the parents are addicted, as long as the ministry of health give only "soft" warnings, as long as the ministry of education allow and push for cellphone, wireless tablets and laptops in schools, as long as industry develop devices for kids, as long as the World health organisation is reluctant to take farther action, as long as the exposure standards are based on heat and not health, as long people don't understand how and when they devices radiates, as long as people who report health effects from RF and EMF exposure are considered crazy, as long as all the above still happens, kids are going to be smart phone users at a very young age.
I believe this will lead to them being able to feel pain when exposed to RF and ELF (becoming Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) , and some will even suffer from cancer, before they will have kids themselves.

Kids are heavy users
We also have to remember that most kids are heavy users, and use their smart phone all day to send more than 150 message, surf the net, use applications, listen to online music and talk to each other.

Links (translated to English Via Google translator)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Better Call Saul" - E05/S03 - Chuck's condition is put to the test, once again.

On episode #5, season 3 of "Better Call Saul", in the ending scene Chuck's character fail to identify a cell phone's battery that is put in his jacket's pocket. Across the net, speculations have been done (and we will most likely will have more of these) that this is just another prof that Chuck's condition is mental and not physical.

I just saw the episode. We need to remember this is just a TV series, but having said that, I see how Chuck could not feel the battery in his pocket. I am an mid level EHS person and I don't react to DC charge from batteries(some people do). What I do react to is RF from cell phones and wireless devices. But this does not mean I can identify it right a way. In addition I can sustain (and so can Chuck's character, as seen in other episodes) some exposure to RF without being dead on the spot. In some cases I can feel specific signals, but in most cases it is the accumulation of exposure that wear me down. For example when I am going out of the house to parliament committees meetings, or in other meeting that people use their smartphone around me, I can function for several hours. I don't feel great, I am not at my best performance and sometimes I can feel pain, but I can function (most of the times). I most cases I do "pay" with pain when the day is over, when the Adrenalin rush is going down and the pain killers' effect is fading. 

So, again, placing a cell phone buttery, or a working cellphone, next to me, in most case will not cause a reaction right away (but please don't try it on me, as if the phone will be transmitting in GSM or LTE I will be in a lot of pain after few minutes). 

In fact, I have a cellphone battery next to me just now.
Does that mean my EHS condition is not real?
Does that mean the Chuck's characters' condition is not real?
It mean that who ever think that all EHS people react to all EMF exposures right a way, on the spot, as if we are all some kind of human EMF detector, does not understand EMF , RF, their biological effect and EHS.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Smart Bluetooth pillow - why , who ,how?

YNET , Israeli leading news site published on the  04/05/2017 a short article about a new smart pillow with Bluetooth communication that links to your smartphone which is put next to you when you sleep, in order to track your sleeping patterns and wake you up in the most "Natural" way (with led lights and music).

Maybe I can get such a device with WIFI access point and a 5G network antenna inside?
If it was not a reality It would be very funny. But it is real and it is not funny.

How do repetitively smart people think of designing such devices without even imagining the harm they can be doing to their future users?
How can people pre-order this devices with no reflection on the possible health risk?
Who in his right mind will buy such a device (and I promise you that if you will stick a WIFI access point in one of these, it will sell even better)?
Why is this even possible?

The regulators are the first to blame on this. They are the ones that set the so called safety standards and regulation that allow these devices to be approved for wide usage, and they are the ones that should( and don't) educate the public about the possible health effect of such devices and of RFR and ELF.
The regulators set the conditions in which an engineer will think to himself "Why not embed a Bluetooth transmitter 0 cm from a person brain?" and then a child go and think "why not put my smart phone under the pillow?"
This is how we come to this day when engineers puts a Bluetooth transmitter in a pillow and the public rush to order one.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Activity Summary Report 04/2017 - "No Radiation For you" -

Activity Summary Report 04/2017

"No Radiation For you"

Hello readers, activists and EHS people.
Please see below the summary report of my activities in the sites and blogs I manage in the fields or EMF and EHS.

Main events in last month

  1. The spin of the last ministry of education CEO memo -
  2. Breaking news - Taxes on cellphones cancelled in Israel -

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For EHS By EHS site – (since 2012)

This site offers special items for EHS people that will enable them to improve their quality of life.

New Pages:

  1. GUIDES - A new page with gides from info website -  

Page that were updated:

  1. HOME PAGE - update the  first steps section on the page -
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  3. Minor updates and changes
  4. Inventory updates
  5. Share buttons were moved to the upper part of each page.


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New Hebrew site was created for the eStore.
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Hebrew blog -  (since 2006)

The hebrew blog was moved to  a new platform, from Tapuz to Blogger.
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04/2017 -New Blog more than 798,  Old Block - more than 1099 views

The End!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
Amir Borenstein

Saturday, April 29, 2017

New way to demonstrate the RF protection Jacket - Audio feedback of RF meters

In the following video you will be able to see (actually hear) the protection effect of our RF Protection Jackets. In this video I use RF meters (from EMFIELD) with audio feedback feature, from which you can hear the RF modulation. When I insert the meter between the human body and the RF Protection Jacket, the audio feedback goes done, as the RF levels goes down.

Video -

Sunday, April 23, 2017

CBS "60 minuets" report "Brain Hacking" was aired on Israel CH1

The CBS "60 minuets" report  "Brain Hacking" was aired on Israel CH1 yesterday at 21:30.
The report show that application, smart phones and other technologies products are design to make the consumer addicted so he will spend more time on them, without any reasonable added value to the consumer.  The report does not face the possible health effect of the radiation emitted from all these devices (RF radiation) but do focus on several other possible effects of the addiction

Friday, April 21, 2017

Breaking news - Taxes on cellphones cancelled in Israel

The minister of Treasury (Finance), Moshe Kahlon,  ordered the cancellation of import taxes on smartphones.
Cellphones and smartphones cost is going to be reduced by 15%.

Back in 2011, Kahlon, acting then as the communication ministry, gained credit of creating the condition for the "cellphone revolution in Israel" (opening the market for 2 new carriers), which brought down the price for time package to around 35NIS (about US$10) for all including monthly Voice+Data package. This reduction in price allowed more people to talk and use their cellphone for more time.

These 2 actions of Kahlon are regarded by the Israeli public as very welcomed. As the public is addicted to the use of these devices and is unaware or knowingly refuse to understand that the use can contribute to health problems such as Cancer and Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity(EHS).